3D Printing ‘Montana Masks’ for Healthcare Workers

NOTE: Project Archived in Fall 2020. No further edits to these pages will be made and no more masks are being produced/delivered.


Goal: To create and distribute 300 reusable ‘Montana Masks‘ to healthcare workers facing dire PPE shortages by May 31st.

Status: 6/3/20 – Project Completed. Rapidly sending out remaining masks.

      • Masks Printed: 267
      • Masks Assembled: 267
      • Masks Shipped/Delivered: 265
        • 20 To Monticello PD
        • 50 To Parkland Hospital (Dallas)
        • ~10 To small providers
        • Remainder To Illinois Fire Safety Institute/ CU Public Health District

Progress 4/12: First run of 5 masks produced and undergoing testing.

Masks are currently being produced and packaged in the Diao Lab in Davenport Hall on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We are not currently looking to recruit volunteers. Instead, we are happy to provide information and our protocol for you to start your own collaboration.

Current production rate: up to 50-70 masks/week using one Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer

Full production team:

      • Dr. Ying Diao (PI of the lab in Davenport)
      • Bijal Patel (Lead, 3D-printing)
      • Daniel Davies (assembly, 3D-printing)
      • Prapti Kafle (assembly)
      • Zhuang Xu (procurement)
      • Jadii Rogers (communications)

We gratefully acknowledge Lori Sage-Karlson in SCS Receiving for logistical/mailing support, and to the many staff at the University of Illinois School of Chemical Sciences, Facilities, and other units who are either directly helping us with purchasing etc. or are still working to ensure that lab facilities are in operation.

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Thanks to the whole team!

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