Carla D. Hunter, Ph.D

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Department of Psychology


     Carla D. Hunter, Ph.D  is an Associate Professor at UIUC. Her Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity lab has been active in Champaign since 2005.  Members of the CHRI lab investigate the roles of identity and culture in ethnic minorities’ mental health and perceptions of the U.S. racial context.  She and her students have been recognized for their scholarly contributions to the fields of African American Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Social Psychology.  Carla also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in addition to providing mentoring and advising, which she loves.

Occasionally, she provides workshops on cultural competence to mental health professionals in the local community.  One thing Carla enjoys about Champaign is the Champaign Public Library main branch and Douglass Branch; “The energy in both spaces is lively and welcoming and I love being surrounded by all the knowledge.” Carla currently resides in bucolic Bement, IL with her husband and their three children. She can be reached at or

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