About Us

The Community Healing and Resistance Through    Storytelling (C-HeARTS) Collaborative is a group of interdisciplinary scholars and community members exploring community healing among African Americans living in Urbana-Champaign.


Goals of C-HeARTS

  • Build sustainable partnerships with community members, scholars, and professionals interested in African-American community healing.
  • Develop a framework of community healing through storytelling and resistance.
  • Create and capture the perceptions of community healing through digital storytelling.
  • Highlight community members’ experiences with racial trauma such as gun violence at the Voices of Community Healing Dialogue, a celebratory community event to strengthen university-community partnerships by working together to foster health and well-being.


Why C-HeARTS Matters?

  • Racial trauma has a profound interpersonal and intergenerational impact on the lived experiences of African-Americans.
  • Racial trauma is linked to high rates of physical disease and psychological distress.


Members of the C-HeARTS Team

Tracy and Ruby
Robyn and Shardé



Supported by Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities