Movie Review Reflection

     When coming back to my review for “Ryan,” I wanted to make sure that first and foremost I was capturing the essence of what made the film unique and a must see. But first, I had to start from the very beginning; more specifically, the title! I found that the title expressed a theme I was trying to implement throughout my review, and yet it was not specific enough in such a way that if someone were to see it they would know it was a movie review! So that is why I added the subtitle for clarification purposes.

     Next, I needed to work out some technical errors! Reading over the paper, I found numerous expletive constructions, which is a problem that I have dealt with through nearly all of my writing career, and specifically this class! They are very wordy, which I would definitely like to avoid in my papers. Next came a read through of the paper and tightening up any awkward wording/phrasing. Reading it allowed to myself almost made me cringe in embarrassment in some parts; “Did I actually write that?!” I kept saying to myself.

     Finally, I wanted to work on the real meat of the review; the theme! In my revision, I attempted to up the sophistication of the claims that I was making in addition to backing them up. I really tried to make sure I was telling my hypothetical readers why this movie was important and the things they could potentially take away from the film. I wanted to dig deeper into the different emotions the film was attempting to drive out of its viewers, and I am very satisfied with the changes I made.

     When first hearing about the film “Ryan” I did not expect to like it. But viewing it made me realize this was unlike anything that I had seen before, and it told an important and captivating story. I wanted to make sure these sentiments were conveyed well in my review, and coming back to revise it certainly strengthened my claim.