#BUILTBYGIRLS is an AOL platform that helps young women get ahead of the game in the pursuit of tech-enabled careers through internships, workshops, competitions and online content. It is creating the next wave of tech leaders (aka you), and they’re coming all the way from NYC to Chicago to host an event for their Hashtag series. This monthly event series offers an inside look at how the hottest tech companies create the powerful products we love. They’ve discussed everything from the Tech of Music @ Spotify to the Tech of Lifestyle Media @ Refinery29, and now it’s time to add some fintech flair into the mix.

They’re going to dive into the processes behind online purchases. From booking a home on Airbnb to paying for your ride on Uber to ordering your dress on Stitch Fix, there is advanced technology behind the scenes facilitating the transfer of money from the customer to the merchant.

For that reason (and because the company was grown in the heart of Chicago), this month’s Hashtag will be at Braintree. From Venmo to Bitcoin, Braintree simplifies the payment process by providing a platform for vendors to accept, process, and split payments.


• Office tour (can anyone say hammocks?)

• Panel: Tech of Fintech

• Tech Deep Dive Presentation

• Activity

• Networking & Pizza (duh)

The Deets

• Date: Thursday, May 25th

• Time: 5-7pm

• Place: Braintree, 222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza

• RSVP: Reserve your spot here

If you have any questions, please email Danielle Letayf at danielle@builtbygirls.com.