Meet the Team

Nathan Cornwell
Project Leader
Bioengineering, Freshman

Nathan led, organized, and coordinated the incredibly talented team that created this project. Nathan also enjoys research, volunteering at the local hospital, performing as a freelance percussionist, swimming, rock climbing, and spending time with family.


Matthew Nuguid De Venecia
Lab Rat
Materials Science and Engineering, Freshman

Matthew assisted our Hardware Specialist with the construction of our initial low-pass filter. When we moved on to test the bioengineers’ Biopac system, he volunteered for the initial trial tests. Additionally, Matthew helped with coding for the arduino we were originally going to use. He enjoy spending time with Intervarsity, a Christian fellowship group, watching anime, learning new things, playing the piano, and running.


Than Huynh
MCB Consultant
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Freshman

Than aided in the EEG component of the game and was a vital member of the Presentation and Poster team. Than also enjoys lacrosse, swimming, and playing piano.


Reema Patel
EMG and Presentation Team Member
Bioengineering, Freshman

Reema worked with the EMG side of the project, aiding with signal processing. She helped create the circuitry for the differentia amplifier and low-pass filter that were part of the original idea for the project. In addition, Reema worked with the Presentation and Poster Team making the project poster and creating the project website. Outside of EEG v EMG Pong, Reema also enjoys traveling, dancing, baking, and wasting her time on Netflix.


Jessica Austriaco
Presentation and Design Coordinator
Bioengineering, Freshman

Jessica organized and coordinated the presentational aspects of the project, including any visual representation (stickers, poster) and the website. She also brought enthusiasm and jokes to meetings in order to help keep them alive and thriving. Jessica also enjoys playing piano and singing, and she pursues her creative interests in photography and graphic design. She works with kids and manages group fundraisers in other RSOs. She also enjoys making snow sculptures and playing recreational sports in her free time, including soccer and volleyball, and she makes sure to eat healthy, balanced meals, including copious amounts of water and vegetables.


Seo Taek Kong
Hardware Guru
Electrical Engineering, Sophomore

Seo Taek designed and built a differential amplifier, full wave rectifier, low pass filter, and was part of writing the arduino code in producing the output for the EMG signal. Seo Taek enjoys traveling around the world during breaks.


Mamoru O’Hara
Code Wizard
Computer Science, Junior

Mamoru did all the coding for the backend of the project. His programming passion extends beyond the reach of this project, and he enjoys coding in his free time also.

D’Kaila Price
Interdisciplinary Health (Pre-Pharmacy) EEG Newbie
D’Kaila made contributions to the EEG portion by searching for the high pass filter and fast fourier transform code that could be used as a template for the project.D’kaila loves to run, swim , and paint canvases in her free time. I hope you enjoy the project!

Dimitrios Gotsis
Circuit Consultant
Electrical Engineering, Freshman

Dimitrios applied his thorough knowledge of circuit fabrication to assist the team in ensuring safe and functional assembly of the analog differential amplifier and low pass filter.