Publish Upgrade and Feature Update

Publish.Illinois.Edu will be upgraded to the latest WordPress version Wednesday 10/12/2016 starting at 9pm. The publish service and websites hosted on Publish will be unavailable for part of the maintenance window between 9pm and 11:30om.

At the same time, we are also adding making some changes to available features, which I will summarize here.

  • Simple Custom CSS will now be available to all site owners from the Plugins menu

The following plugins will be installed:

  • Tumblr Widget – include tumblr feeds in your widget areas
  • HTML Widget Titles – Allows your widget titles to link to other content
  • Content Views – provides more options for organizing your content within your pages
  • All Meta Tags – provides options for improving your sites visibility to search engines
  • Site Last Modified – show the last modification date

Scheduled Maintenance, 5/18 @ 9pm

On Wednesday, 5/18 at 9pm Publish.Illinois.Edu will be updated to the latest WordPress version, 4.5.2.  The Publish service and all hosted websites will be unavailable for 5-10 minutes while updates are applied. When application updates are complete, individual websites will be unavailable for less than 30 seconds each while network updates are applied.