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This website was created to provide bioengineering students at the University of Illinois with a centralized platform for all their questions and concerns about bioengineering. In this space, you will find tips and tricks for getting started as a freshman, student perspectives on all bioengineering courses offered, lists of job placements for past alumni and their perspectives on their current work, research testimonials from current students at labs you may be interested in, internship testimonials from bioengineering students at companies you may want to work for, pre-medicine advice for the bioengineering student, and so much more. We hope that you find these resources to be helpful and informative. Below are links to pages for these resources and forms you can submit to keep this page, and our department, at their best. For any questions or concerns about information on this page, please fill out the BIOEhub Feedback Form or contact Megha Agrawal (meghaa3@illinois.edu).

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Freshman Year Survival Guide

Welcome to your first year of college! We understand how you may feel intimidated by the transition to your new environment, but fear no more! This is a guide to everything a BIOE freshman needs to know.

Premed Survival Guide

Medicine is an amazing career path, but the journey to become a competitive applicant can be confusing. Access the Premed Survival Guide to find important resources, tips and tricks about coursework, volunteering, and advice from Bioengineering pre-med students.

Graduate School Preparation Guide

Is graduate school in your future? Do you need information about the GRE, PhD programs, or the Illinois MS program? Check out this guide to help you decide!

Student Research Experiences

Are you interested in becoming a research assistant, but don’t know where to start? We’ve reached out to various principal investigators affiliated with Bioengineering so that you can know what qualities PIs are looking for in candidates.

Student Internship Experiences

Internships build valuable experience to add to your resume. How have BIOE students landed internships in the past? Read this for details!

Alumni Job Testimonials

At some point, we move on from UIUC! We have collected testimonials from alumni from various positions and companies so you can get a feel for what life looks like for BIOE’s who are working in industry. If a specific testimonial piques your interest, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn to connect with them and ask more questions!

How I Chose My Track

Choosing a track can be daunting. This section contains stories from current students and alumni detailing how they decided on their track.

Advice for Engineering Undeclared

Are you interested in choosing Bioengineering as your major? See this page for students’ experiences transferring from Engineering Undeclared to Bioengineering.

Transferring to BIOE

Are you interested in transferring to BIOE? Click here to find information about common misconceptions about BIOE and learn how BIOE students navigated this process.

BMES Workshop Resources

BMES Workshops help students build valuable skills in data representation in MATLAB, electronics skills with Arduino, and more. Find resources from past workshops and recorded workshops on this page to start building your skills today!

International Student Guide

Are you looking for international student resources?


Are you looking for more information on RSOs aligning with bioengineering?

James Scholar Requirements

Are you a James Scholar or looking to apply for one?

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Bioengineering Undergraduate Advisory Board Student Feedback Form

The Bioengineering Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) is a student body that is made up of representatives from every cohort who meet once per month to share student perspectives on administrative matters with the department. The UAB is interested to hear what you have to say about your classes and experiences! Submit your feedback here to help improve the Bioengineering department.


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