Video Quick Reviews & In-Class Participation

After each set of videos, there will be a short review to complete in Compass.  These reviews are due at the start of the synchronous lecture related to the videos.

During most synchronous lectures you will work on example problems with a group of classmates.  One team member will turn in work from each day for participation points.

Group Project

With a group of your classmates, you will select a biomedical instrument that applies concepts from class.  Then you will research information about that instrument to share with the rest of the class.


To gauge progress in the course and prepare for each of the exams, there will be short quizzes each week that there is not an exam scheduled.  There will be a total of 12 quizzes and the lowest score will be dropped.


There will be three exams during the semester.  The first two exams are tentatively scheduled for the Friday of the fifth and tenth week of the semester.  The third exam will be during finals week.