Course objectives

  • Describe the importance of transport phenomena across a variety of biomedical applications
  • Describe modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection, radiation
  • Describe modes of mass transfer: diffusion, dispersion, and convection
  • Select and implement appropriate governing equations and boundary conditions to solve simpler transport problems (heat, mass, and fluids)
  • Understand the importance and utility of simulation software for modeling transport phenomena (heat, mass, and fluids)


Course information

Textbook: Heat and Mass Transfer: A Biological Context by Ashim Datta, 2017


Additional references: Bioengineering Fundamentals by Ann Saterbak, Larry McIntire, Ka-Yiu San (BIOE 201)

Biofluid Mechanics by David Rubenstein, Wei Yin, and Mary D. Frame (available online through Grainger Library)

Full syllabus is available on Compass