I have 1 pending patent, 1 book chapter, 1 top journal paper, 5 top conference papers, and 3 workshop papers.  I have 97 citations according to Google Scholar (as of May’17).


  1. B. Acun, E. Candan. “Systems and Methods for Computer Input” (Pending Patent). 2016.

Book Chapter:

  1. B. Acun, R. Buch, J.C. Phillips, L.V. Kalé. “NAMD: Scalable Molecular Dynamics” chapter in “Exascale Scientific Applications: Programming Approaches for Scalability, Performance, and Portability”. CRC Press. (Book to be published in Dec. 2017).

Journal Paper:

  1. B. Acun, A. Langer, H. Menon, O. Sarood, E. Totoni, and L. V. Kalé. “Power, Reliability, Performance: One System to Rule Them All.” IEEE Computer, Energy Efficient Computing Special Issue (COMPUTER). 2016. [pdf]

Conference Papers:

  1. B. Acun, P. Miller, L. V. Kalé. “Variation Among Processors Under Turbo Boost in HPC Systems.” International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS). 2016. [pdf]
  2. A. Gupta, B. Acun, O. Sarood, L. V. Kalé. “Towards Realizing the Potential of Malleable Jobs.” International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC). 2014. [pdf]
  3. B. Acun, A. Gupta, N. Jain, A. Langer, H. Menon, E. Mikida, X. Ni, M. Robson, Y. Sun, E. Totoni, L. Wesolowski, L. V. Kalé. “Parallel Programming with Migratable Objects: Charm++ in Practice.” Supercomputing (SC). 2014. [pdf]
  4. H. Menon, B. Acun, SG De Gonzalo, O. Sarood, L. V. Kalé. “Thermal-Aware Automated Load Balancing for HPC Applications.” IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER). 2013. [pdf]
  5. B. Acun, A. Başpınar, E. Oğuz, M.İ. Saraç, F. Can. “Topic Tracking Using Chronological Term Ranking” International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS). 2013. [pdf]

Workshop Papers:

  1. B. Acun, E. K. Lee, Y. Park, L. V. Kalé. “Neural Network-Based Task Scheduling with Preemptive Fan Control.” International Workshop on Energy Efficient Supercomputing (E2SC, SC). 2016. [pdf]
  2. B. Acun, L. V. Kalé. “Mitigating Processor Variation with Dynamic Load Balancing.” IEEE International Workshop on Variability in Parallel and Distributed Systems (VarSys, IPDPS). 2016. [pdf]
  3. B. Acun, N. Jain, A. Bhatele, L. V. Kalé. “TraceR: A Parallel Trace Replay Tool for Studying Interconnection Networks.” Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Agent-Based Simulations (PADABS, EUROPAR). 2015. [pdf]