About Me

I am a 5th year PhD student at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign @ Computer Science Department. I am working with Prof. Kale in Parallel Programming Laboratory. Before starting my PhD, I completed my B.S. degree at Computer Science at Bilkent University, Turkey.

I work on parallel and distributed runtime systems, and high performance computing. This includes load balancing, malleability, power management, and network optimizations with dynamic, adaptive runtime systems at large scale. I contribute to development of open-source parallel programming framework, Charm++. During my PhD, I co-authored 9 papers and have 97 citations as of now.

The header image shows my Facebook friends connection graph that I drew using Gephi. Each color represents a friend group that I have:

  • White&Gray: UIUC grad school friends, USA (White=Turkish, Gray=non-Turkish, you can see how my Turkish friends at UIUC are pulled closer to my friends back in Turkey.)
  • Blue: Undergraduate friends, Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Yellow: Friends from Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Red: High school friends, Ataturk Anatolian High School in Ankara, Turkey
  • Green: Primary & middle school friends, Beytepe, Ankara, Turkey

Before this WordPress-templated website, I had this previous website that I designed from scratch.