BEEC 2021 – Presenters

Room 1: 

Lori Herz, PhD. – Lehigh University
Professor of Practice and Associate Chair
Zoom Classes: Learning Over Lethargy

Nicole Ramo, PhD. – Shantou University
Visiting Scholar
COVID-19 Drug Design: Molecular Biology Activity using RCSB PDB-101 Resources

Room 2:

Casey Ankeny, PhD. – Northwestern University
Associate Professor of Instruction
Creation and Deployment of Virtual, Inquiry-guided BME Laboratory Courses

Henry Lancashire, PhD. – University College London
Parallel In-Person, Recorded, and Simulated Laboratories

Room 3:

Yanfen Li, PhD. – University of Massachusetts Lowell
Assistant Teaching Professor
Simulating poster presentations in an online environment

Harriet Parnell, PhD. – ANSYS, Inc.
Education Content Developer
Material Selection for Biomedical Applications: How Can it be Taught Remotely?