For Businesses

For Businesses

Every tobacco-using employee is estimated to cost its employer $6,112 in excess costs per year. 1

How can my business participate?

We’ve made business participation as simple and straightforward as possible – just fill out our Business Enrollment Form.

Once we receive your completed form, a member of our project team will email you to: (a) confirm your participation and (b) provide instructions and materials for distributing to your employees.

From there, all you need to do is share this information with your employees.

All businesses headquartered in Illinois are currently eligible to participate.

Enroll Your Business

Want more information? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the project.

What is the goal of this project?

To reduce tobacco use in Illinois.

What type of businesses can participate?

Businesses must be headquartered in Illinois . Self-employed and sole proprietorship businesses are also eligible.

What is the tobacco cessation program?

The tobacco cessation program being implemented is the EX program. This program is a leading digital tobacco cessation program that leverages a proven treatment model from Mayo Clinic with scientific leadership in digital tobacco solutions from Truth Initiative. The premium version of the program includes:

  • A free customized quit plan with interactive exercises and educational videos that learns and grows with you
  • Expert advice and tips from Mayo Clinic
  • Access to the longest-running, largest community of current and former tobacco users
  • Tailored text messaging to help you quit and stay tobacco-free
What does the program cost me as an employer?

There are no costs for participating businesses.

Are there any contracts or long-term commitments?

No. Your business can begin or end participation at any point. Your participation is voluntary and optional.

Is there any time or effort required by my business?

Just letting your employees know about the opportunity to enroll this program. All program activities are managed by members of the project team and the EX program.

How do my employees sign-up?

Once a Business Enrollment Form is submitted by a representative of your business, we will send you information that can be distributed to your employees. All program materials will direct employees to a website for enrolling in the project.

What does participation involve for my employee?

Employees who enroll in this project create an account EX program as well as complete three brief surveys in a 12 month period..

Is this program an approved tobacco cessation program?

Yes. For employers that charge tobacco-using employees a higher rate for insurance (i.e., a tobacco surcharge), the EX Program meets all requirements of a reasonable alternative standard. This type of reasonable alternative is required for employers that charge a tobacco surcharge.

What information do I get as a business?

When an employee from your business enrolls, we may contact you to verify current employment. You can find out participating employees if you are charging a health insurance tobacco-use surcharge.

Additional questions?

1 Berman M, Crane R, Seiber E, Munur M. Estimating the cost of a smoking employee. Tob Control. 2014 Sep;23(5):428-33.