Animal Welfare Club

Animal Welfare Club

The Animal Welfare Club is an officially registered university organization. Students of any major or status (undergraduates, graduates, and professional) on campus are welcome. Please contact the leadership listserv or Dr. Green-Miller to inquire.

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About the club:

Our Mission:

The mission of the Animal Well-Being Club at the University of Illinois is to provide a venue for experts to discuss animal welfare issues in the context of sound, scientific reasoning and research in an effort to progress the field.

Our Purpose:

We are not an activist organization or in support of any political agendas. We are here to learn from the different perspectives of our guests and each other.

Our Activities:

We meet regularly to discuss Animal Welfare issues. We regularly have guest speakers and go on field trips.

Anyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings!

SAVE THE DATES – Fall 2021 Meetings:

Everyone is welcome to attend all on-campus meetings, whether competing or not.