Maintaining Top Tier Home Security


If you’re looking to be a realtor in the future, it’s important to put your best foot forward and being completely responsible and endearing towards them. One way to achieve that level of trust is by placing home security as a top priority to keep them feeling safe and sound. While it’s difficult to provide them with all the knowledge possible about keeping their property secure, you can wow them with handy tips to about their home locks and security.

Why Change Locks?

If you have a potential buyer who is about ready to purchase a home, the first tip you can provide them is to change the locks as soon as possible. Although it seems a bit excessive, the reality is that they don’t know about the history of the property and who might have a key to access it. The seller could have given keys to a variety of people who might try to come to the home again in the future. The best way to approach the subject is to note that changing locks will help provide a peace of mind. One way is to point out if the locks are outdated and need to be upgraded to a newer version. It’s also possible to get all the locks in the house a change and assign them one key to keep. With those routes of approach, the buyer will believe that you are trying to save them money from potential break ins and fixing old locks rather than simply pointing out a flaw in the house.

Tips from a Locksmith

There are many pieces of advice regarding locks to tell your potential buyer that they could use  down the road as well. If they happen to routinely give their keys to a housekeeper of other laborer, make sure to tell them to ask their locksmith to give a master key that can operate both knob and deadbolt type locks for them to use. This way, that employee can have a separate key that works with only a knob for easier use. Another tip is to pursue using a high security lock that needs keys that are unable to be duplicated at all. That prevents any duplication services from copying their keys and putting their safety at risk. A final tip is reminding them that the life of a key is short and proper maintenince with Teflon oor other dry lubricants is important to make sure all parts are efficient.

Keeping Happy Clients

As a future realtor, you’re bound to run into situations where your clients become unhappy, confused, or anxious about what choices to make when purchasing a home. Look out for them in advance and provide them with all the information you have, especially when it comes to keeping their future home safe. Be sure to check out ABC Locksmith, a home security company that provides flexible services to change and inspect reliable locks within a property. Their team is made up of highly trained specialists to take care of your needs and get any house buyer ready! And also, if you ever need additional information on local markets as a realtor, you can view rent reports like this one from ABODO.

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