Influencer Marketing and Buying Followers

Since the emergence of Instagram, influencer marketing has been steadily on the rise. Instagram influencers like Kylie Jenner, Kayla Itsines, Logan Paul, and Jeffrey Star to name a few have collaborated with a variety of brands to boost their digital marketing. As long as a user is recognized in a niche, brands are willing to pay or sponsor them to share their products with their loyal community of followers. However, some social media users have been using “black-hat SEO” tactics, or cheating methods to purchase fake followers to look more popular on the app. Instagram is cracking down hard on software that helps users achieve this, and it’s in your best interest as a marketer to avoid it like the plague. Buying followers for your own business or associating with such accounts is the quickest way to ward off not only customers, but many millennials away from trusting your brand for its organic growth.

How Are Followers Bought?

There’s plenty of black hat SEO services out there to help you boost your numbers on social media. Some apps offer to do this for free while some ask for payment methods to pay for followers by the bulk. An Instagram or Twitter user could first start by using an aggressive following technique. This involves following a large number of accounts, then unfollowing those who don’t follow back. However, doing this repeatedly is against can cause turmoil in the Instagram world and is against Twitter’s terms of service. If platforms like Twitter can detect such actions, their algorithms have the power to put your account on suspension or even delete it from their application entirely. Running that risk is definitely not something you want to submit your business’s online presence to. The second major method that some social media influencers use is called zombie following. This consists of following a huge mass of zombie social media accounts by paying a third party to get 10, 100, or even 10,000 likes on a single post. These zombie accounts are usually inactive and have profiles that have few to zero posts overall. To make matters worse, a handful of Instagram influencers have been caught red-handed with this ploy.

Flake to be Fake: Cons of Black Hat Tactics

It seems like the more followers you have, the more likely you’ll be able to impress a customer. However, some digital marketers or social media users fail to realize that engaging with their followers is far more important. You’ll know your Instagram campaign is successful by the number of people you’re engaging with on a daily basis from your content creation, how many lists on Facebook or Twitter you’ve been mentioned on, how many leads you’re generating, or the increase in traffic to your brand’s website you’re gaining.

However, by simply buying followers, you’re getting uninterested customers, spreading a bad name for yourself, and annoying real users who post engaging content. Social media still values morality as well, and your integrity can be sacrificed as people can begin to tell the methods you’re using for digital marketing. Going from a couple hundred followers to several thousand in the span of a few days will get people extremely weary and tired of your account. So it’s in your best interest to pursue an organic growth strategy that will help elevate your brand and customer loyalty.

True Growth in Digital Marketing for Social Media

If you’re interested in growing your following, do it the right way. Instead of cheating the system, wasting your money, and risking your reputation, practice active engagement with other businesses and look into getting help form a marketing consultant. Firms like Eminent SEO have professionals who know how to develop a business and optimize their social media strategy. They’ll be able to hear your goals and create a plan to increase organic growth across your social media platforms. Don’t wait and get on the road to better digital marketing!


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