Firing Off on Gun Safety

Gun safety has erupted into a huge issue across the country as it’s both incredibly costly as it is harmful to families and their communities. Injuries that caused a hospitalization in the U.S. has costed more than a recorded 6.6 billion dollars from the years of 2006 to 2014. If that number shocks you, consider the fact that it doesn’t include emergency room visits, rehabilitation costs, and treatments towards patients who later passed away from their injuries. With the rise of gun sales during the years comes to need to be responsible with ownership by keeping them safe when not used. There’s a variety of safe styles on the market, but it’s ultimately up to the owner to pick the one that best fits their needs.

Types of Gun Safes

An efficient gun safe is supposed to easily concealed and durable with it’s safe and locking anticipate. These days, the most common categories of types are large safes and small gun safes. In order to choose a safe that’s appropriate for what you have, consider the size of the gun and how many guns you mechanism owning own down the road. If it’s relatively large and you think you’ll own more than one, going with a large safe can add security and also prevent any theft from happening. The space of your home also influences what kind of safe to purchase, but at the end of the day experts say that it’s safer to go larger than what you think you’ll need. How often you anticipate using the weapon is also an important factor, as a larger safe can be easily found when placed wisely within a home. However, having a smaller handgun safe on the first or second floor can allow much quicker access if a break-in situation ends up happening. Finally, no matter what type of safe you get, make sure it’s able to be tightly secured by a bolt that you can find from a local utility store.

Aspects of a Great Safe

When purchasing a safe, there’s a few important factors that can help you tell how durable it will be. The first is checking steel thickness, with the optimal measurements being a half inch for the outer door sheet of the safe, and a quarter inch for the safe’s thickest sheet. Choosing plate doors (which is steel wrapped around sheetrock) instead of composite helps make the safe stronger as well. Also be sure to consider how fire proof the safe is, as being made of materials like fiberglass, ceramic wool, or concrete amalgamate is much stronger than ones like gypsum drywall. A great lock should also be on the safe with a high UL rating which measures the strength of it when being tampered with. Safes with ratings like UL 768 Group II is considered the highest strength on the market today.

The Ultimate Takeaway

It’s in your best interest to be as safe as possible as a gun owner and citizen of the community. If you can, it’s better to wait until you obtain the proper safe to guard it in your home before purchasing one to use to give you and your family peace of mind. For more information about keeping your firearm secure, I recommended taking a look at the resource from Locksmith Sarasota. They specialize in gun safes and locks, and plenty of tools to help you decide what kind of protection will best fit your needs. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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