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Mastering A Morning Routine

What you do in the morning really does set you up for the rest of the day. We might think that the morning is a way to warm up and relax before things start to get hectic, but the truth is that you need to create healthy habits that will create long term energy, elevated read more »

Recovery Companion

Having a strong support network is helpful for someone recovering from addiction. When we want to get over an acute addiction or have trouble going through issues by ourselves, having a recovery companion is great so the journey isn’t walked through alone. For someone who is in the middle of the recovery from addiction, they read more »

My Experience WIth A Sex Addict

Sex addiction is a mental health issue that is often swept under the rug. While some of us may feel like we are too dependent on sex or may see no issue at all, symptoms often go unsaid and relationships can go down the drain when too many mistakes the drain. Sex is a touchy read more »

Self-Care Tips

In this day in age it’s important for us to unwind, de-stress, and reflect on every day so stress and anxiety doesn’t build up in our mind. Not taking care of our physical and mental tips doesn’t do ourselves a favor as it can creep into our daily feeling of happiness, productivity, focus, motivation, and read more »

Using An Intervention Quiz

I love taking quizzes to learn more about myself. Whether it’s learning about what Harry Potter character I am or how I should be making my avocado toast in the morning, almost every quiz is a fun pass of time. Some quizzes can be more for entertainment than informative than others, but we all can read more »

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is either loved or hated by many people we know today. Some see it as a drug that only criminals should be dealing with, while others encourage everyone they know to try it for the medical benefits it provide. As of this year, more states are legalizing weed to help medical distributors treat their read more »

Gender And Addiction

Drugs are highly addictive and can wreak havoc with enough usage for someone from any walk of life. You can be poor or have millions of dollars, but the effect is the same. Anyone from every corner of the globe is susceptible to developing a long term substance abuse disorder when their environment encourages it read more »

Art Therapy For Healing

If you love to express your creative side or remember art as your favorite class back in school, today is your lucky today. Thanks to the popularity and tried and true methods of holistic therapies, practicing various expressions art is becoming increasingly common to coping with stress. Maybe it’s a surprise to you to learn read more »

Healthy Microbiome

We might think that following the proper diet and exercise regime will keep us healthy, but in today’s world it’s increasingly important to understand our well-being from the inside out. For several years, scientists have thought that bacteria were agents that we needed to avoid to stay strong. The truth is that our bodies are read more »

Eliminating Environmental Toxins In Your Home

Environmental toxins can cause serious health issues if you don’t take measures to get rid of them. These unseen toxins can build up in your system and home over time without you realizing it. Luckily there are a variety of ways you can safeguard your home environment so the air you breathe, the food you read more »