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ACFT Standards

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Cadet Creed

I am an Army Cadet. Soon I will take an oath to become an Army Officer committed to defending the values which make this nation great. Honor is my Touchstone. I understand mission first and people always.

I am the past – the Spirit of those warriors who have made the final sacrifice.

I am the present – the scholar and apprentice soldier enhancing my skills in the science of warfare and the art of leadership

But above all, I am the future – the future warrior leader of the United States Army. May God grant me the compassion and judgment to lead and the gallantry in battle to win.

I will do my duty.

 Soldier’s Creed

I am an American Soldier.

I am a warrior and a member of a team.

I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values.

I will always place the mission first.

I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills.

I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.

I am an expert and I am a professional.

I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy, the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.

I am an American Soldier.

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Army Regulations (AR)

AR 25-50 Preparing and Managing Correspondence

AR 145-1 Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program

AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms

AR 310-50 Authorized Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Acronyms

AR 670-1 Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms

Field Manuals

FM 3-21.5 Drill and Ceremony

FM 7-8 Infantry Platoon/Squad

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-20 Physical Fitness Training

FM 21-76 Survival, Evasion, and Escape

Other References

SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook 

CCR 145-4 Standards for Enrollment, Retention, and Disenrollment

CCR 145-9 ROTC Accessioning and Commissioning


DA Form 4856– Developmental Counseling

CC-104R-Form– Planned Academic Program Worksheet