Staying in touch with the Fighting Illini Battalion

Alumni continue to ask for ways to support the current Cadet Battalion. The best way is through your willingness to share your experience with them. Please consider supporting one of these upcoming events:

Alumni Mentor

All of our MS-IV Cadets have received their component and branch choices this fall  and there is the opportunity to connect with and mentor a current Fighting Illini Cadet as they prepare for their transition into the Army.  Alumni are an incredible resource as your experience can assist them understand what to expect.

Guest Speaker for any Military Science class

Each year, alumni speak to specific military science classes on their experience.  If you would like to speak to current cadets, please let us know the topic and the time you are available so that we can coordinate for you to be a guest speaker in one or more of our classes.

Career Highlights

Alumni sharing their career highlights has a powerful impact on our Cadets as they see the phenomenal opportunities and experiences a career in our Army may lead to.

Veterans Day Football Game

Each year the Army ROTC Battalion conducts a “Loyalty Oath” Ceremony during the Salute to Veterans Football Game at U of I. This is a great retention event for the Cadets.  You are invited to support the new contracted Cadets!

Attend the Annual Dining-Out

Each year (usually in December), alumni attend the Joint Army-Air Force Dining-Out to meet some of the current Cadets. Although the Dining-Out is very formal, conversation with the Cadets is very relaxing and they typically enjoy hearing how things have changed in the Cadet Battalion over time. Please contact Mr. Eric Ashworth at if you are interested in receiving an invitation to attend this year’s Dining-Out.


If you wish to donate to our effort, please visit for the certified University link and be sure to indicate your contribution is directed towards the:

  • Army ROTC Alumni Fund (11330418) supports Cadet activities that are not funded by the US Army. Donations go directly to cover expenses of these interesting training events.
  • Army ROTC Cadet Endowment Fund  (11774561) is an endowment that provides the Cadet Battalion an interest dividend every semester.  Each donation increases the size of the fund and provides the Cadets operating funds for perpetuity.
  • Army ROTC Scholarship Fund (11776233) is also known as the Class of 1970 Scholarship.  This endowment is a scholarship that is awarded every year to a Cadet that meets the criteria established.  Donations provide a larger scholarship each year.

Thank you!