Student Chapter Executive Board

The AREMA Student Chapter Executive Board is tasked with organizing chapter events, conducting outreach, and increasing chapter visibility and membership among other responsibilities.

AREMA Student Chapter at UIUC | Board Position Descriptions
Updated: May 4th, 2022

Working with Vice President to find and coordinate speakers for general meetings and locations for field trips.
Monthly calls with AREMA C-24 and HQ
Organizing board meetings
Looking out for future events
Heading coordination of Annual Report with Secretary and Treasurer

GM Duty/Responsibility:
Introducing the speakers
Booking rooms
Introducing old/new members

AREMA Conference Duty/Responsibility:
Attending the Leadership Luncheon
Briefing in the beginning of the trip
Hosting the pre-conference meeting
Leading the group to and from lunch, alumni dinner, and any other group related activities

Stepping in during the absence of the president
Coordinating guest speakers and meals for general meetings and field trips
Heading the recruitment at Quad Day, Quad Day, E-Night (with EC Rep), CEE Fall Kick Off Night and any other recruitment
Planning social events

GM Duty/Responsibility:
Greeting guest speakers
Contacting guest speakers
Ordering dinner
Providing speaker gifts

AREMA Conference Duty/Responsibility:
Booking hotel rooms
Reaching out to railroad industries about potential general meetings

Managing our accounts and cash flow
Preparing annual financial report for
AREMA HQ (Due June 1st) and CEE department (Due mid-September)
Ordering students chapter gifts, stickers, cloth and other bulk purchase
Collecting and managing membership dues and payments for student chapter products
Assisting other board officers in reimbursement
Maintaining good communications with the sponsors
Writing the Annual Report with President and Secretary

GM Duty/Responsibility:
Collecting membership dues
Working with VP for dinner reimbursement (if necessary)

AREMA Conference Duty/Responsibility:
Book transportation
Collect dues

Informing our members via weekly email
Informing our members about job opportunities (if forwarded) ASAP
Taking minutes at the board meeting
Tracking our attendance
Tracking our membership (with Treasurer)
Writing the Annual Report with President and Treasurer
Updating the chapter website and social media.

GM Duty/Responsibility:
Tracking attendance
Sending reminder emails
Creating flyers for any occasion

AREMA Conference Duty/Responsibility:
Creating guides (maps and schedule)
Taking attendance to and from conference

Communications Director (formerly EC Representative):
Interacting with other student organizations to facilitate joint events
Spearheading recruitment of non-CEE Student Chapter members
Representing AREMA at monthly Engineering Council meetings
Applying for funding via EC
Planning E-Night
Coordinating Engineering Open House registration and volunteers

GM Duty/Responsibility:
Creating and posting posters
Assisting with food

AREMA Conference Duty/Responsibility:
Assisting the board with travel (in the conference’s city)

2022 Executive Board Members

President: Daniel Mueller

Vice President: Mike Copley

Treasurer: Matt Parkes

Secretary: Shashank Muddana

Communications Director: Tommy Stogin

Faculty Advisor: Tyler Dick (

After receiving his Masters from Illinois in 2001, Tyler spent 11 years as a railway track design engineer with HDR Engineering in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, where he specialized in route and relocation studies, rail operations simulation, and rail design. His rail design experience includes design of mainline alignments, industrial tracks, interchange tracks, highway grade seperations, hump classification yards and intermodal facilities. This rail design experience encompasses projects for a variety of rail clients including Class 1, short line and industrial operations. He was recognized in 2009 as an HDR Professional Associate for technical expertise in the areas of railway alignment studies and classification yard design. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

Returning to Illinois in June 2012, Tyler brings his extensive rail design experience to the classroom while co-teaching courses such as railway project planning and design.

Past Boards


President: Geordie Roscoe
Vice President:  Ian Barbosa
Treasurer: Matt Parkes
Secretary:  Max Potvin
Engineering Council Representative: Jake Wagoner


President: Lee Evans
Vice President:  Camila Pereira
Treasurer: Matt Parkes
Secretary:  Jake Wagoner
Engineering Council Representative: Kevin Di

President: Adrian Diaz de Rivera
Vice President: Sina Anesteh
Treasurer: James Chan
Secretary: Matt Parkes

Webmaster: Daniel Holmes

President: Jake Branson
Vice President: Lee Evans
Treasurer: Ricardo Quiros Orozco
Secretary: Wesley Chen
Engineering Council Representative: Luis Chavez
President: Nao Nishio
Vice President: Arthur De Oliveira Lima
Treasurer: Chen-Yu Lin
Secretary: Kaila Simpson
Engineering Council Representative: Josue Bastos
Webmaster: Jacob Rajilich

President: Thomas Roadcap
Vice President: Brandon Wang
Treasurer: Alexander Lovett
Secretary: Bradford Kippen
Engineering Council Representative: Brevel Holder
Webmaster: Sean Lin
President: Bill Lygiros
Vice President: Manuel Martin Ramos
Treasurer: Darkhan Mussanov
Secretary: Po-Yin Liao
Engineering Council Representative: Zachary Jenkins
Webmaster: Tom Roadcap

President: Matt Greve
Vice President: Gio DiDomenico
Treasurer: Garrett Fullerton
Secretary: Marcelo Suarez
Student Representative: Chen-Yu Lin
Newsletter Committee: Ivan Atanassov