Student Chapter Executive Board

The AREMA Student Chapter Executive Board is tasked with organizing chapter events, conducting outreach, and increasing chapter visibility and membership, among other responsibilities.

AREMA Student Chapter at UIUC | Board Position Descriptions
Updated: January 27th, 2024

Finds and coordinates speakers for general meetings and locations for field trips
Monthly calls with AREMA Committee 24
Organizes board meetings
Looks for opportunities for chapter events
Heads coordination of Annual Report with Secretary and Treasurer
Represents the chapter at monthly university Engineering Council meetings

Duty/Responsibility: General Meetings
Reserves a room for the meeting
Starts the meeting with a safety briefing
Gives an overview of the chapter
Introduces the speakers

Duty/Responsibility: AREMA Conference
Holds a briefing at the beginning of the trip
Hosts the pre-conference meeting
Attends the Leadership Luncheon
Leads the group to/from lunch, alumni dinner, and other activities as necessary

Fills for the President in the event of an absence
Works with President to find and coordinate speakers and trip locations
Heads recruitment activities (Quad Day, E-Night, CEE Fall Kick-Off, etc)
Coordinates Engineering Open House (EOH) registration and volunteers
Plans social events

Duty/Responsibility: General Meetings
Contacts and Greets guest speakers
Coordinates or orders dinner

Duty/Responsibility: AREMA Conference
Manages lodging/accommodations
Inquires with companies about general meeting opportunities

Manages accounts and cash flow
Prepares annual financial reports for AREMA (June 1st)
Manages student chapter products (stickers, t-shirts, other bulk purchases)
Collects and manages membership dues and payments
Works with SOFC (university RSO agency) to get reimbursements
Applies for funding via Engineering Council
Writes the Annual Report with President and Secretary
Maintains good communications with sponsors

Duty/Responsibility: General Meetings
Facilitates dinner reimbursements when necessary

Duty/Responsibility: AREMA Conference
Collects membership dues
Books transportation planned by the Secretary

Writes weekly emails to inform members of upcoming events
Adds job opportunities to the email (if forwarded) ASAP
Takes minutes (notes) at the board meeting
Maintains list of paid members (with Treasurer)
Writes the Annual Report with President and Treasurer
Handles chapter Social Media

Duty/Responsibility: General Meetings
Tracks attendance

Duty/Responsibility: AREMA Conference
Plans transportation to/from the conference city
Tracks attendance

Slowly improves this website as time allows
Keeps this website up to date
In charge of recruiting new members, especially non-CEE students
(hi, we’re open to all students and general meetings are free and there’s food)
Facilitates joint events with other RSOs
Organizes online storage along with the Treasurer

GM Duty/Responsibility
Creates and distributes posters/fliers for events
Remembers to bring the rest of the stuff we left downstairs

AREMA Conference Duty/Responsibility
Assists in creating travel plans where helpful
Creates maps and schedules for the previously-created travel plans
Coordinates or suggests transportation for the board within the conference’s city

2024 Executive Board Members

President: Jose Augusto Ramos
Vice President: Rahat Khan
Treasurer: Alex Roskov
Secretary: Vitor Rezende Alves
Webmaster: David Wasilewski

Faculty Advisor: Riley Edwards

J. Riley Edwards, Ph.D., P.E., is an Assistant Professor in the Rail Transportation and Engineering Center (RailTEC) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois). He obtained his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University, and his MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After obtaining his Bachelors degree, he worked for the Canadian National Railway as a Construction Inspector on their Intermodal Gateway Memphis project. Dr. Edwards also worked for Hanson Professional Services, Inc. as a Construction Engineer on BNSF Railway’s Memphis Intermodal Expansion project in Tennessee. Since 2007, Dr. Edwards has held various positions in RailTEC at Illinois where he oversees rail infrastructure research and advises graduate and undergraduate students concentrating in rail engineering. His research interests are railway infrastructure track system and component design and performance and failure modes associated with infrastructure components.

Past Boards

President: Tommy Stogin
Vice President: Rahat Khan
Treasurer: Alex Roskov
Secretary: Negin Shafie-Zadeh/Greg Huang
Membership Director: Jose Augusto Ramos

President: Daniel Mueller
Vice President:  Mike Copley
Treasurer: Matt Parkes
Secretary:  Shashank Muddana
Communications Director: Tommy Stogin

President: Geordie Roscoe
Vice President:  Ian Barbosa
Treasurer: Matt Parkes
Secretary:  Max Potvin
Engineering Council Representative: Jake Wagoner

President: Lee Evans
Vice President:  Camila Pereira
Treasurer: Matt Parkes
Secretary:  Jake Wagoner
Engineering Council Representative: Kevin Di

President: Adrian Diaz de Rivera
Vice President: Sina Anesteh
Treasurer: James Chan
Secretary: Matt Parkes
Webmaster: Daniel Holmes

President: Jake Branson
Vice President: Lee Evans
Treasurer: Ricardo Quiros Orozco
Secretary: Wesley Chen
Engineering Council Representative: Luis Chavez

President: Nao Nishio
Vice President: Arthur De Oliveira Lima
Treasurer: Chen-Yu Lin
Secretary: Kaila Simpson
Engineering Council Representative: Josue Bastos
Webmaster: Jacob Rajlich

President: Thomas Roadcap
Vice President: Brandon Wang
Treasurer: Alexander Lovett
Secretary: Bradford Kippen
Engineering Council Representative: Brevel Holder
Webmaster: Sean Lin

President: Bill Lygiros
Vice President: Manuel Martin Ramos
Treasurer: Darkhan Mussanov
Secretary: Po-Yin Liao
Engineering Council Representative: Zachary Jenkins
Webmaster: Tom Roadcap

President: Matt Greve
Vice President: Gio DiDomenico
Treasurer: Garrett Fullerton
Secretary: Marcelo Suarez
Student Representative: Chen-Yu Lin
Newsletter Committee: Ivan Atanassov