Author Instructions


Full-length papers, up to 30 pages, submitted to the conference will be published in a volume measuring 8-1/2 x 11 inches. The volume will be produced directly from the author-supplied electronic manuscript by using black and white photocopying. The margins need to be 1-1/4 inches all around. All tables, including captions, and illustrations, including legends, must conform to these dimensions. All text should be single-spaced, 12-point Times font. All papers should be prepared according to the format outlined below to assure that they present a uniform appearance in the published volume.


The title of the paper should be in capital letters and centered between the left and right margins of the page. If possible, use 16-point bold type Times font for the title. The author(s) and organizational affiliation should begin on the third line below the title and be centered.


An abstract should precede the main text of the paper. The abstract should be typed in bold-face 12-point Times font.

Section Designations

Use the numerical-decimal numbering system (Arabic Numerals) of identifying the main and subheadings.

Text and Figures

All text should be typed in a single, full-width column, on one side of the page only. Do not use multiple columns. Do not number pages. Use 12-point Times font for text. The total paper including all text, references, figures and tables is normally 15-30 pages in length. Figures should be clear and neatly drawn with sufficient contrast to provide clearly readable images. Insure that color images preserve their information content when photocopied; the printed proceedings will be reproduced by monochrome (black & white) photocopying. Photographs should be converted to *.GIF, *.JPG or *.TIF format or an equivalent format and inserted into the manuscript. Figure labels should be at least 0.080 inches (2mm) high when produced in final size. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively and may be placed within the text or at the end.


Number equations sequentially, and type the equation number flush with the right-hand margins and enclosed in parentheses. For display purposes, indent equations and place them three line spaces below the preceding line and three line spaces above the following line of the text.


Acknowledgments will follow the text and precede the references. If space permits, acknowledgments and references will be placed on the same page, three line spaces apart.


Cite references in the text by numbers in square brackets [1], numbered sequentially in their order of introduction. References will follow the main text of the paper and will be numbered sequentially to conform with the respective numbers in the text.

Submitting Instructions

The original manuscript in electronic form (.pdf format) are due by August 17, 2020. A Clearance for Public Release form, completed and signed by an appropriate official, must also be submitted with the paper.

Click for Clearance Form

Authors are requested to submit their paper via email or on CD sent via express mail. This submission should conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Send your paper electronically in *.pdf format. If you cannot provide a *.pdf file, please send your paper as *.doc from Word. Do not enable protection features that prevent us from assembling your paper into the final proceedings and properly numbering the pages. Do not number pages.

Email your submissions to: with “cc” to