People and Funding

ALLVM Project Leads

Current Project Participants

Project Alumni

  • John Criswell, Ph.D., 2014. Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Rochester.
  • Nathan Dautenhahn, Ph.D., 2016. Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Rice University.
  • Tom Chen, BS (Math+CS), 2018. Graduate program at MIT.
  • Richard Wei, BS (CS+Linguistics), 2018. Technical Software Lead, Core ML, Apple Inc.
  • Sandeep Dasgupta, Ph.D., 2020. Software Engineer, Google Brain.
  • Will Dietz, Ph.D., 2020.

Project Funding

  • Office of Naval Research (ONR): Navy N00014-4-1-0525, Navy N00014-17-1-2996
  • National Science Foundation (NSF): CCF 13-02641, CNS 15-64274, CNS 16-19275
  • Semiconductor Research Corporation and DARPA: StarNet C-FAR Project
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL): DOD Subcontract LBLN 7273675