Blackfeet Summer Camp Native American Students

The Broad Impact of the NSF Award activities that increase the Native American participation in education and research within the scientific community. Allen research group has partnered with the faculty and administration of the Blackfeet Community College (BCC) located in Browning, Montana, which is the heart of the Blackfeet Native American Reservation. We participated in two days of the summer camp held in BCC that include 32 middle school students and 30 high school students. We use the new wing of science at BCC – the physics and chemistry labs. They were especially useful as we include a short course on the soldering of integrated circuits, the assembly of solar kits and building wind turbines.​

High school, middle students and organizers for the Blackfeet Summer Camp in Browning MT.

Home of Blackfeet Native Americans

Summer camp kits include solar cells and wind turbines



2016 Sept                   News Release: Blackfeet NSF Outreach Program: 

Blackfeet Summer Camp
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