Paper to Read


  1. Why is Son preference so persistent in East and South Asia? a cross-country study of China, India and the Republic of Korea


  2. Distal and Proximal Factors in Domestic Violence: A Test of an Integrated Model
    Number of children and DV

  3. From work with men and boys to changes of social norms and reduction of inequities in gender relations: a conceptual shift in prevention of violence against women and girls

    Policy Implication

  4. Economics of DV
    1. For motivate Cash transfer program. How do they include DV in economic model? I should combine with India model

Household Demography

  1. Extended Families and Child Well-being (Duncan, Journal of Development Economics)
  2. Explaining Family Change and Variation: Challenges for Family Demographers (Duncan)

  3. Eva Vivalt:
  4. Labour Supply and Wages Among Nuclear and Extended Households: The Surinamese Experiment

Hazardous forms of Child Labor

  1. Measuring and Analyzing Child Labor
  2. The Impact of Parental Death on Child Well-being: Evidence From the Indian Ocean Tsunami (Demography)

Non optimality of Plannning

  1. Consulting and capital experiments with microenterprise tailors in Ghana (Udry: journal of Behavior Economics)
  2. Hoping to Win, Expected to Lose: Theory and Lessons on Micro Enterprise Development (Dean Karlan)

 Child Labor and Rainfall

  1. Towards statistical standards for children’s non economic work: a discussion based on household survey data
  2. The Consequences of Child Labor: Evidence from Longitudinal Data in Rural Tanzania
  3. Agricultural Volatility and Investments in Children