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Research Question: Increase in money transfer for boys birth?

y(Total amount of tranfer)=alpha+beta(Boy/Girl) Hetero: Timing

Topic: Does child really dropout from school because of the household labor demand?

y(Sum of household work)=a+b(Drop out of children) 学年Iv IV: Increase in household labor demand

Topic: Non biological parent and Education Investment

y(education)=alpha+Non-Biological Cannot use individual fixed effect? Compare with children with the same age and sex? Not clear Literature

Topic: Orphan

Panel structure with child fixed effect y=a+b(HIVor Normal Death)+Child fixed effect     Question Why they do not use large scale panel data? Not much study for child labor especially hazardous?

Research Q: Delivery and food security

Panel Uganda y(food security)=a+b(pregnancy)+e

Research Topic: Child labor and lazy mother

Child labor, mother do this do that. Not labor demand. The one who can higher child labor can be lazy.

Research Q: How NOT planning (timeline) is optimal behavior in Uganda

Dean Karlan Consulting and capital experiments with microenterprise tailors in Ghana (Udry: journal of Behavior Economics) Hoping to Win, Expected to Lose: Theory and Lessons on Micro Enterprise Development (Dean Karlan) Micro finance, repayment rate. Repayment plan

Topic: How to measure productivity in office of Uganda

How to measure productivity in Uganda office setting. They are so slow, how do I capture that? Firm setting: computer teaching. skill/motivation

Research: Ban of abortion how it affects sex parity ratio in India

DHS \item JOHANNES NORLING: \url{} literature: \url{} \item Growing up together: cohort composition and child investment. Jones KM1. \url{} Birth Spacing + Economy of scale, – Negative

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Topic: Education premium for last 1 year

Jump in premium at the last one year literature