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Topic: parental death

Does the Cause of Parental Death Matter for Childrens Education?

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Research: Does domestic labor demand pull children out of school or is it just gender inequality?

Compare two model: One parent strategic investment, the other increase in labor demand in households.   y(School dropout after birth of children: better place with no ultra sound)=a+b(sex of children)*(New born: Son or Daughter) 澤田先生のliterature

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Topic: War and Children

What is important question? Safety: Vague, but at where (HH, school, community) Two things to study: Effect of war on children (Abuse, safety, child soldier, mental health) Effect of intervention program on child outcome Child Abuse: how do you get consent from parents to do interview: Mix with other questions War Child Child Emotional Abuse […]

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Research Q: School decision and Child Labor

Does revealing school performance encourage/discourage children to stay/drop out from school? What if parents are given some advise to how to increase performance?

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Research: Child labor and Altruism

Research Question: Does father increase child labor if their children are non-biological children? Choose country where many non-biological children are y(Child Labor)=a+b(Non-biological to father)* BP(Hetero)+e School Enrollment Impacts of Non-traditional Household Structure

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Topic: Child Labor, Fishing and natural resource management

What does improvement of resource management means to child labor. Increase income of the household but decrease children to work?

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