Essay 1 Reflection

In my rhetorical analysis of an artifact, the major issue with my paper was that I did not include a rebuttal. It was a little difficult to come up with a contradiction to a handbook, but I figured that if the university enforced rules like the ones they did in 1944, there would be a huge student body uproar. Overtime, our society has shifted its views and beliefs, for example, same sex marriage and pro choice. Not everyone may agree but the amount of people who do is overwhelming compared to the beliefs of 1944. I reworded a lot of sentences in this paper to make it more understandable. I also took out numerous sentences because they were unnecessary to my paper, for example, the grading scale and a few values that I implied the university had. In my original paper, I seemed to have created a little joke that people could assume that the handbook tells people when to wear clothes and when to go naked, so I changed that. Other than the major revisions that I made, I also changed grammatical errors which included changing “implied” to “inferred” and vetoing “In conclusion” in the beginning of my conclusion.

Looking back at my first major assignment, I saw how my writing has improved over this course. I don’t use passive voice as much as I did and my wording sounds more intelligent. This assignment challenged but to find all these writing components in a school handbook but, it helped me understand each component and their importance in a piece of writing.