About Us

The ACES Collaborative Learning Center (ACLC) provides support for ACES students in need of academic assistance while creating an opportunity for students to meet other members of the ACES community. The center is located in the northeast corner of the main floor of the ACES Library (2nd floor of the ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center).

The ACES Collaborative Learning Center is staffed daily by ACES student peer mentors who will be available to assist fellow students with course work, study strategies, and finding other support opportunities within the college and on campus. Peer mentors are chosen based on their classroom successes, leadership skills, and commitment to helping others. Assistance will be offered for ACES courses, as well as courses delivered in other colleges.

Just as importantly, the new center is intended to be a community gathering area for all ACES students. This dedicated space is an ideal location for students to meet classmates while doing homework, for studying for exams with peers, for participating in group projects, and for developing new friendships with fellow students.

The ACES Collaborative Learning Center is managed by the ACES Office of the Academic Programs. For more information about the center, please contact us at aces-clc@illinois.edu.