Activities Team

Opening Doors of Opportunity and Windows of Insight

The James Scholar Activities & Communications Team (JS-ACT) was founded in February 2006 by Rob Chappell and a group of dozen enthusiastic ACES James Scholars. The club focuses on supporting enrichment opportunities (such as special programs and events), publications, and social media outreach for the Honors Program.


The James Scholar Activities and Communications Team is a student organization for ACES James Scholars who have an interest in supporting the mission of the Honors Program through using their skills and talents in writing, photography, and social media. The club’s mission is to actively engage ACES James Scholars through electronic media, hosting special events, and contributing articles and photos to Honors Program publications. The JS-ACT’s activities are designed to help ACES James Scholars expand their horizons, build a sense of community, and achieve their professional development goals.

Membership in the JS-ACT is open to all currently enrolled ACES James Scholars and ACES James Scholar alumni who remain affiliated with the University of Illinois, either academically or professionally.

For more information about the JS-ACT, please contact the club’s advisor, Rob Chappell.