Test for Keyboard Navigation

Transcript for Video: Using the tab and space keys to navigate (1:12)

How to Test for Keyboard Navigation

To test if a resource (i.e. website, video player, game, software) is keyboard navigable, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Clicking TAB repeatedly allows a user to navigate from button to button and from link to link.
  • Clicking SHIFT+TAB allows a user to go back to the previous button or link.
  • Clicking the SPACEBARRETURN or ENTER keys when a link or button is selected activates that link or button.

How to Make a Resource Keyboard Navigable?

While testing a resource for keyboard accessibility is easy, creating some types of keyboard accessible content may require advanced knowledge of software and web coding; for example, websites, interactive games and web-based forms.  For developers interested in some of these advanced techniques, W3C provides resources on Developing Keyboard Accessible Content.

Best practices suggest avoiding the use of Flash based elements (i.e. videos, games, quizzes embedded within videos, and drag and drop activities).

It is recommended users create resources utilizing tools and software that promote accessibility and adhere to the Section 508 standards and WCAG 2.0 guidelines discussed throughout this course.