African American Family (AAFam) Stress and Resiliency Lab 

We are an interdisciplinary lab focused on deepening our understanding of the effects of psychosocial stress on mental and behavioral health outcomes, and the supportive resources used to mitigate any adverse effects, among African American families.

African Americans are not a monolithic group, thus, we are interested in within-group differences to identify those who are more or less at risk of adverse health outcomes. In addition, we aim to understand the resources that African American families use to contribute to their strength, health, and well-being.

Topics of focus:

  • The intra- and interpersonal effects of racial discrimination on mental and behavioral health outcomes in the African American couple and parent-child context

  • Variations among African American youth’s experiences of racial discrimination

  • The role of family and community support on the racial discrimination and health association

  • The effects of parents’ stress on child outcomes

  • Factors enabling and inhibiting mental health help-seeking decision-making and behaviors among African-American families

  • Informing culturally-relevant interventions