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1. OneNet Text Editor  UI

How to insert a image

image options
Image Insert UI

Clicking “insert image” shows below dialog option: Inserting 1)decorative image, 2)simple image, and 3)complex image

Decorative image

Note that inserting a “decorative” image options, disable “alternate Text ” and “Full Description” option.

This shows inserting a "decorative" image UI
Inserting a “decorative” image UI

Simple image

Note that inserting a “simple” image options, disable “Full Description” option.

This shows how to insert a "simple" image

Complex image

Note that inserting a “complex” image options, activate “Full Description”, which has three options, 1)Below image, 2)Link below image, and 3)Link on image.

This shows inserting a "complex" image UI
Inserting a “complex” image UI

After the user click “ok” button in complex image type, the dialog is closed and the user can add full description within the page. In other words, enabled “full description” creates fields to enter full description in the back end.

This shows how to insert full description.
How to insert full description.

Remove image

Note that “remove image” works when the image is already selected. Once the user clicks “remove image”, it brings up a confirmation dialog.

This shows how "remove image" menu works
How “remove image” menu works

2. Accessible “Image” Features

Prompt user to identify type of image: decorative, simple, or complexHigh
Provide means of entering full descriptions as on-screen content, content accessed via on-screen link, or content accessed via link on image (with appropriate alt text)High
Provide “image check” showing images, type, alt text, and full description and provide means of changingHigh
When a link has an image with no accessible text available, prompt user (and require) to provide meaningful description in the context of the link…?High
Paste image from clipboard support (this would be awesome but CMS specific, so this might best be achieved with CMS specific add-on/modules/plugins to provide this functionality)Low
Provide options for setting and editing whitespace around imagesLow
For decorative images, automatically use empty alt text
For simple & complex images, prompt/instruct user to enter appropriate alt text
For complex images, prompt/instruct user to enter full description
Do some level of sanity check/warning when user enters very long description but chooses in-page display of information
Provide obvious help/instruction on why and how to use images (Note: Help menu)
Check for images as link content and prompt/remediate accordingly
Consider HTML 5 title/summary detail combo to provide d-link style information for an image (issues with providing polyfills scripts automatically and making it configurable to auto use on/off or specify a different polyfill script)

3. Consideration

  1. How to deal with inline images -> image plus text
  2. Criteria for decorative, simple, or complex image?
  3. Different types of image from Web Accessibility Initiative

4. A11y First Text Editor  UI

In progress