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Accessible “Links” Features

Requirement Type Priority
When a link contains only an image but no link text, aria-label/label-by, or image alt text, prompt user to provide it and then apply it as aria-label or link content, depending on the situation Real Time High
When a user creates a link consisting of the link text “here”, “click here”, “more”, “more info”, “more information” (etc.), provide explanation of error and means of changing link text (or provide option for accessible enhancement). Qualifying terms should be an editable list by admins Real Time High
When a user creates a link using text of an existing link with a different href, provide explanation of error and means of changing link text and/or href or marking it as okay (some simple check to allow for destination probably being the same: trailing slash or not, default index page values versus not) Real Time High
When a user creates more than two links using the same hrefs but different link text, provide explanation of the error and means of changing link text to match and/or href to a different value (using same check as previous rule for determining when slightly different links are actually resolving to the same content) Real Time High
Provide “link check” GUI showing link text and hrefs, identify link text/href errors, and provide means of changing link text/hrefs, as well as “best practice” information that may not rise to the level of a violation. Include options to sort by order appearing in DOM, link text, aria-label, and href (this feature is medium) Manual Check High
Provide obvious help/instruction on why and how to use links N/A High
Make sure that link editor GUI presents user with the computed link text value, and provides a way to override that with aria-label

Low: Modifying any portions that are included in the computed link text (“screen reader text”) should update in real time, as they are changing the content. There should definitely be an info/help button in this area, and anywhere that prompts for or allows overriding computed link text value, so the user can get an explanation that this is very rarely something they need to set, with some good and bad examples of why you might need it

Low: Provide a way to edit alt text for image in link from the link GUI, but only if it actually contains an image

N/A High
Feature for creating table of content links from current headings (adding fragment identifiers near/on headings) Medium?
Ability to add named anchors High