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OneNet text editor heading options

Accessible “Heading” Features

Provide obvious help/instruction on why and how to use headingsHigh
Provide an obvious means of selecting headings of levels 1-6High
Provide a means of removing heading (changing to paragraph or list item)High
When a heading is selected, check that it is of an appropriate level (less than or equal to previous heading level + 1); if not, provide explanation of error and means of selecting an appropriate heading levelHigh/Real Time
When an entire paragraph is bolded (plus length/% check to trigger), provide explanation of possible error and means of selecting an appropriate heading level (at the point when the entire paragraph is bolded)High/Real Time
Provide “heading check” showing headings (and bolded paragraphs?) in a nested list, identify headings of inappropriate level, and provide means of selecting appropriate heading levelsHigh/Manual check
Provide obvious help/instruction on why and how to use headings (minimum explanation/example bundled in with editor at point of need, links out to “full page” information for additional information, may be local or external)High
Only present the user with the currently appropriate heading levels, based on cursor positionHigh
Starting heading level is h2High
Allow inline styling of heading content (ex: em tag)Medium
Starting heading level is configurableMedium
Provide a way for user to select “page level” heading stylingLow
Manual/on save check of content to search for unbalanced heading to content ratio (too many or few headings)Low
Check to make sure that headings within the editor are unique (within the context of the current heading hierarchy)Low/Real Time
Check to make sure that a heading isn’t “too long” (possible accidental markup)Low/Real Time
Automatically generate an unique ID for each heading (with a unique enough prefix to “ensure” it doesn’t violate ID uniqueness rules). When page is updated, rescan/refresh TOC to match current headings