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OneNet Text Editor  UI



Requirement Type Priority
Automatically produce valid, semantically-correct HTML 5 code, Empty elements are not allowed Real Time and Manual Check  High
 HTML editing should be available but restrict-able to particular groups  Low
 Scan/report on average word length, average sentence length (etc.) to estimate reading level of content  Low
All warning/errors should be configurable by admins to set things as acceptable or that prohibits publishing  Accessibility checker  high
A “complete” visual display of a (block level) abstraction of the document so editors can get a quick view of how their document is structured Would this be a functinoality showing the logical structure of documents?  Part of accessiblity checker?
When possible, explanations/warnings should highlight SEO and similar benefits to “doing it right” beyond being accessible  Which object is relevant to SEO?
Some check/verify tools may be strictly visual (highlighting of THs as moving focus over header)/rely on existing screen reader functionality for equivalent information
 Provide means of undoing/redoing changes  This would be need for all the objects.  High
  • reviewed by JaEun on September 15, 2016