Innovation Project Kick Off Meeting

Date: February 3, 2016

Location: University Library, Room 323C

Ku, JaEun, Gunderson, Jon R, Weathers, William Fletcher, Lane, Lori, Hoyt, M Nicholas, Slater, Robert, Chapman, Suzanne, Pionke, Jj

Interpreter: Bunita L Berg

Meeting Goals

  • Share the project goal and deliverable: URL for Innovation proposal
  • Come up with action plan to reach the project goals
  • Communication plan for the project

Meeting Topics


  • Introduce team and collaborators: Name, Title, and Expertise in regards to web accessibility/disability resources
  • Icebreaker (10min): What is your grand plan for this weekend? What are you passionate about other than work?

Project Goals and Deliverables

  • Project goal/deliverable pertain to Library CMS
  • Project plan and communication plans (ex: Jira, IllinoisWiki (meeting note/decision making), code repository, email?)
  • Brainstorming for Collaborative efforts: How each member can support/contribute in reaching project goals with their expertise

Action Items

  • Ku, JaEun – IAAP ewebinar attendance – GSLS students and staff -1/28/2016 -done
  • Gunderson, Jon R and Ku, JaEun – student hire – job was posted two weeks ago and we received more than 12 applications. (Will hire a student after library content analysis)
  • Existing library content review – Suzanne will prepare library content examples (10 or so) for the group to review at next meeting
  • Investigate how likely developers can integrate a evaluation tool to monitor accessibility of content authoring practice. It could be stand alone tool, third party api or modification of TinyMCE text editor. (Will begin after library content analysis)