Library Contents Review

Date: February 15, 2016

Location: University Library, Room 323C


Ku, JaEun, Gunderson, Jon R, Weathers, William Fletcher, Lane, Lori, Hoyt, M Nicholas, Chapman, Suzanne, Pionke, Jj

Interpreter: Bunita L Berg

Meeting Topics

            • A recap of library content example
            • Discuss:
              • Control for a11y inhouse plugin vs installed plugin
              • A Style guide, put through an accessibility check list
              • An Accessible text editor to ensure the a11y
              • What text editor component will be important
              • How we can improve editing or new text editor in WordPress
              • What components are unnecessary


Discussion Items

Time Item Who Notes
15min Recap of library content example JaEun Library content review page
5min Style guide / a11y check for plugin JaEun Brief intro for project items
10min Accessible text editor demo JaEun Text editor example (1, default editor, CKEditor, accessibility CKEditor)
20min Accessible text editor discussion Jon ·  What text editor component will be important?

·  How we can improve existing or new text editor in WordPress?

·  What components are unnecessary?

10min Brainstorming for action items/project direction JaEun/Jon What is next?

Action Items

              1. Regarding text editor tool bar structure (put heading structure first and in-styling next; editing the configuration file in TinyMCE); assign this to William and JaEun
              2. Inserting image ui – ie. Consider what title is needed and used for, look at different ways of tagging images (for training or tagging example), SEO for alt image tag-tool tip, in red warning, just time in training, or block inserting the image (easily restrain image)
              3. Image, links (list), heading
              4. Jon will contact Mike Scott, DHS for State of Illinois for accessible editor – One Net – regarding heuristic approach for list items. Description for link rather than “click more”