Sarah Marjanovic

Natural Community

mixed media on paper, 60 hours


mixed media with handmade garlic mustard paper, 12 hours

Shifting Ground

mixed media on paper, 40 hours


mixed media on paper, 60 hours

Green Mountain

mixed media on paper, 10 hours

Sarah Marjanovic is a multifaceted visual artist and holds a MFA from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (2014) and a BFA from Eastern Illinois University (2011). Recognized for both representational and abstract artworks, Sarah has exhibited in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Texas. Her art was most recently featured in “Abstracted Abstraction” (a juried art exhibition) at the St Louis Artists’ Guild in St Louis, Missouri, and in “Living Hosts: Culturing Collaboration” (two person exhibition) at the Illini Union Art Gallery at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

She formerly worked as an educator at Olney Central College, Parkland College, and Eastern Illinois University. Recently she served as an exhibition coordinator at Giertz Gallery at Parkland College, and currently she is a graphic designer and illustrator for Living with Wildlife Illinois and other organizations.

Sarah is devoted to the conservation of our natural resources, and much of her inspiration is drawn from the experiences of working in land stewardship, especially working in restoration of natural communities.