Chris Marin

Pillow Talk

(2020) 64″x64″x20″ Acrylic on canvas, fabric, snap buttons Duration over months.

Jaliscos Combo Meal Loose Leaves

(2021) 72”x72” Acrylic on canvas Duration over months.

Boogie Man

(2019) 84”x96” Acrylic and fabric on canvas Duration over 2 weeks.

Falling Out the Sky

(2020) 72”x72” Acrylic on canvas Duration over 1 week.


(2019) 69”x60” Acrylic on satin and curtain rod Duration over 6 hours.

“My name is Chris Marin, and I am a Mexican-American Artist born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. Currently, I am a Professor of Practice, Artist-in-Residence, and I am a practicing artist rooted in depicting people and telling narratives. Visually, I am playing with and expanding the definition of painting and portrait painting, specifically. As an artist, I am embracing destiny, in layering imagery, and literal layers of work to create one project. Ranging in painting, drawing, soft sculpture to hard sculpture, my works are use the 2D image with the presence of an installed set-up of the work, for the audience to work around. The subject matter ranges, yet truly surround the questioning and complexities I once experienced or continue to unveil: family, race, violence, poverty, love, relationships, and death.”