Andrew Jang

“Digital Collapse” (flexible, Adobe Photoshop/digital, 2021)

“Define the beauty” (flexible, Adobe Fresco/digital, 2021)

“Gazed society” (flexible, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fresco/digital, 2021)

“The moment in the lucid dream” (flexible, Adobe Lightroom/digital, 2021)

“City lights” (flexible, Adobe Lightroom/digital, 2021)

“My name is Andrew Jang (boundary) and the main focus of my art pieces are patterns, illustration, and photography. I started creating art pieces when I admired how a single piece of artwork can contain and convey a variety of feelings to the audience. Sharing my pieces in public to communicate with the audience has always been my pleasure and my art pieces contain an attraction of pulling multiple sentiments from the audience. There is no right or wrong answer to feeling a certain way. Instead, I want you to focus more solely on the emotion as you scan through my art piece. Welcome to my boundary.”

– Andrew Jang

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