Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration FAQs

Q: What is the registration cancellation policy?
A: No refunds after May 17, 2017. Cancellation fee of $100 thru May 17, 2017. Cancel through the registration portal. You will need the confirmation number provided in your confirmation email.

Q: I’m applying for the Student Program. Should I also register?
A: If you are applying for the Student Program, wait to register until after you have applied and received notification. Student Program award recipients will receive a discount code waiver for registration. Applicants who are not offered an award will receive a discount code for a reduced registration rate.

Q: I need to request a visa invitation letter.
A: Email your request to Cheri Soliday ( or Amy Clay-Moore (

Lodging FAQs

Q: What is the lodging cancellation policy?
A: No shows and cancellations after May 19, 2017 will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

Q: Why is the reservation portal asking for an access code?
A: The Q Center room block is for summer school participants only. The access code ensures only registered participants reserve rooms from our event block.

Q: What is my access code?
A: Most participants will use one of the access codes provided with the confirmation screen and email after registering for the summer school. Student Program award recipients will be provided access codes with notification. Summer school staff and presenters will be provided unique access codes via email.

Q: I am reserving a day pass, but the reservation portal seems confused about my departure date and thinks I am reserving “nights.” What should I do?
A: The reservation portal was originally designed for overnight accommodations, but Q Center also uses it for day pass reservations. For day passes, Q Center primarily needs to know you will be attending and what dates you plan to arrive and depart. For those who plan to attend the Welcome Reception, please indicate June 11 for your arrival date.

Q: What if I want to bring a guest to stay with me at the Q Center?
A: Executive Rooms include a queen-size bed and can accommodate a maximum of two persons. If you bring a guest that is not registered to attend the summer school, there is a $60/day fee. This fee is required, but allows your guest to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner while lodging at the Q Center. A registration fee will be required for your guest to attend the summer school program. NOTE: Student Program rooms are single occupancy and do not accommodate a guest.

Q: May I bring children to the Q Center?
A: Q Center does not permit or accommodate children. Participants who wish to bring their families may contact Cheri Soliday ( or Amy Clay-Moore ( for information about nearby accommodations.

Q: What time will I need to check out of Q Center on the final day of my stay? What about checking in on my first day?
A: Check-in time for Q Center is 4:00 pm and check-out time is 1:00 pm.

Q: I want to arrive earlier or stay longer than the dates of the event.
A: Pending availability, pre-event (arriving before June 11) and post-event (departing after June 16) room rates are $200/night plus tax for an Executive Room (max. occupancy 2) and $150/night for a Standard Room (max. occupancy 1). Need help booking your room for an extended stay? Contact Q Center at 877-774-4627.

Q: Is parking available at Q Center?
A: Ample free parking is available for participants who drive to the Q Center. If you plan to drive a car, please notify Q Center via your lodging or day pass reservation (in the transportation section).

Q: How do I secure transportation from the airport to Q Center?
A: You can request A-1 Limousine Service via the Q Center online reservation portal when making reservations for your Q Center lodging room or Day Pass. Even if you are staying at another hotel, you will still use the Q Center reservation portal to request a Day Pass – at which time you can provide your transportation request.

Q: What is the cost for A-1 Limousine Service between O’Hare Airport and Q Center?
A: Your cost for A-1 Airport Limousine Service will depend upon how many other guests are sharing the limousine service with you. Each person will pay A-1 separately.

Program FAQs

Q: Will I need to bring a laptop to the summer school?
A: Participants should be prepared to bring a laptop that can connect to the internet (via Ethernet and wireless) and can run a remote desktop client. A laptop with internet capability will be required to take full advantage of sessions that utilize hands-on training activities.

Q: Do summer school participants receive academic credit?
A: The CREDC Summer School does not issue academic credit for participation. However, participation at the summer school may qualify for Professional Development Hours (PDH) and/or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Information will be provided at the summer school to document your PDH and CEU.

Student Program FAQs

Q: Do I have to be a US citizen to apply for the Student Program?
A: No, you do not have to be a US citizen. However, you DO have to be enrolled in a degree-granting program at a university or college in the United States.

Q: Should Student Program applicants go ahead and register?
A: If you are applying for the Student Program, wait to register until after you have applied and received notification. Award recipients will receive a discount code waiver for registration. Applicants who are not offered an award will receive a discount code for a reduced registration rate.

Q: I need a confirmation of application or registration in order to request a letter of recommendation from my advisor.
A: We recommend you forward the confirmation email sent to you after applying for the Student Program. Since ALL application materials are due by April 16, you will want to apply early so that you can forward the confirmation email to your advisor in time for her/him to submit the letter of recommendation. If you did not receive an email copy of your scholarship application, please email Amy Clay-Moore ( for assistance.

Q: Should Student Program applicants go ahead and make lodging reservations at the Q Center?
A: If you are applying for the Student Program, wait to register until after you have applied and received notification. We have a separate room block for Student Program award recipients. These are Standard Rooms (max. occupancy 1) and do not accommodate guests. We will provide additional information with notification for those who are receiving an award. Applicants who are not offered an award may still have access to the Q Center smaller rooms (and lower rates) or a local area hotel room block.

Q: Is my transportation expense covered for attending the school?
A: The Student Program does not offer travel assistance.

Q: How do I arrange for local transportation between the airport and the Q Center?
A: Visit our Travel page for instructions on how to do this. Your cost will vary depending on how many other guests are sharing the limousine service.