Lightning Talks – Call for Proposals

Selected Talks – Round 1

  • Resilient Data Collection in Oil & Gas Refinery Sensor Networks
    Klara Nahrstedt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Developing a Quantitative Methodology for Measuring Cyber Risk to Critical Infrastructure
    Jamie Van Randwyk, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Research Area: Securing Inbound Cloud/IIoT Information Flows
    Andrew Ginter, Waterfall Security Solutions
  • An End-to-End Infrastructure for Cyber-Physical Intrusion Detection
    Reinhard Gentz, Arizona State University
  • Can Cybersecurity Ever be Achieved in an Infinite Universe?
    Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez, PFP Cybersecurity

Selected Talks – Round 2

  • OTSDN: What is it? Does it help?
    Dennis Gammel, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory
  • Cyber Resilient Remedial Action Schemes
    Vignesh Venkata, Washington State University
  • Cyber Mutual Assistance — Electric System Owners & Operators Sharing Cyber Resources
    David Batz, Edison Electric Institute
  • Distributed Secondary Controls in IEC 61850-based Microgrids
    Matthew Backes and Max Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ants on the Grid: A Biology-Inspired Monitoring for Incident and Vulnerability Detection
    Josephine Lamp, Arizona State University

Deadline: March 1, 2017  Extended to March 8

We invite industry workshop participants to submit proposals to give 5-10 minute Lightning Talks. Proposals should focus on new ideas, research topics, or pressing issues/concerns for cybersecurity and/or cyber-resiliency of energy delivery systems. Presentation slots are limited, but we’ll try to accommodate as many proposals as we can.

Slides are optional but highly encouraged as they will help you organize your thoughts for the rapid session format. Discussions will be held during break periods so that this session may progress on time. If using slides, they will be required a week prior to the workshop and must be loaded and presented from our laptop for ease of transition between speakers.

Since we are not yet certain when on the agenda we will schedule the Lightning Talks, individuals submitting proposals should plan to attend the entire workshop event. Those selected to present a Lightning Talk will need to be registered or submit registration within one week of acceptance.

Click Here to Submit Your Proposal

You will be asked to upload a document (limit to 2 pages, please) that includes the following:

  1. Your name, organization, email address, and phone number in the header of the document.
  2. The title of your proposed Lightning Talk.
  3. Describe the new idea, research topic, issue or concern you wish to share with the CREDC team and industry workshop participants.
  4. Provide some detail to support your proposed idea, topic, issue or concern.
  5. If applicable, include website links that support your proposal.

Thank you in advance for contributing to this important work. We look forward to reviewing your proposal!

NOTE: this event is not open to academic researchers from non-CREDC partner universities.

Questions? Contact Cheri Soliday at or Amy Clay-Moore at