PHYS 582 Quantum Field Theory

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then … it is a field theory whose field excitations are cute little ducklings! 😀


!!!!Warning!!!! This course is designed to be impartial to condensed matter and particle physics languages. Thus it is mostly void of physics and full of formalism. While not required, it is imperative that the first 5 chapters of Peskin and Shroeder be skimmed, because that is where the notations in the notes come from. The first 7 chapters of Ryder’s introduction to quantum field theory are also extremely helpful in providing physical context for the math we shall dive into.


  1. Special Relativity Done Right
  2. Neother’s Theorem
  3. Global Transformations and Symmetries
  4. Local Transformations and Symmetries
  5. Spinor Algebra
  6. Canonical Quantization
  7. Path Integral Quantization


  1. Given a Lagrangian Density
  2. Magic Words