ece 486, weekly plan

Aug. 24-30:
Introduction to feedback control.
Video: introductory lecture.

State-space models of systems; linearization.
Video: lecture 2.
Reading: lecture 2 notes, FPE, Sections 1.1, 1.2, 2.1–2.4, 7.2, 9.2.1.

Aug. 31-Sep.6:
Linear systems and their dynamic response
Video: lecture 3.
Reading: lecture 3 notes_clean, notes_annotated, FPE, Sections 3.1, Appendix A..
Transient and steady-state dynamic response with arbitrary initial conditions.
Video: lecture 4.
Reading: lecture 4 notes_annotated.

Homework 1, due midnight Sept. 6.

Sep. 7-13
System modeling diagrams
Video: lecture 5
Reading: lecture 5 notes, annotated; FPE, 3.1-2, lab manual.
Prototype second-order system. Transient response specifications.
Video: lecture 6 notes, annotated.

Homework 2, due midnight Sept. 13.

Sep. 14-20
Effect of zeros and extra poles; Routh-Hurwitz stability criterion.
Video: lecture 7
Reading: lecture 7 notes, FPE, Sections 3.5–3.6
Basic properties and benefits of feedback control
Video: lecture 8
Reading: lecture 8 notes, FPE, Section 4.1; lab manual

Homework 3, due midnight Sept. 20.

Sep 21-27
Introduction to Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control.
Video: lecture 9
Reading: lecture 9, notes, FPE, Sections 4.1-5.
Root Locus
Video: lecture 10
Reading: lecture 10 notes, FPE, Chapter 5.

Sep. 28-Oct.4 Introduction to dynamic compensation. Lead and lag dynamic compensation

Oct. 5-11 Introduction to frequency-response design method

Oct. 12-18 Bode plots. Stability from frequency response; gain and phase margins

Midterm, tentatively October 18, 6pm-2am.

Oct. 19-25 Control design using frequency response. PI and lag, PID and lead-lag

Oct. 26-Nov. 1 Nyquist stability criterion; gain and phase margins from Nyquist plots

Nov. 2-8 State-space design. Controllability, stability, and pole-zero cancellations; similarity transformation.

Nov. 9-15 Conversion of controllable systems to Controller Canonical Form.

Nov. 16-22 Pole placement by full state feedback, observer design for state estimation

Nov. 23-29 Fall break

Nov.30-Dec.6 Observer design for state estimation. Dynamic output feedback

Dec 7-9. Class review


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