ece 486, faq

  • Online Lab
    • For students taking lab online only – for now this means you’re enrolled in one of the online sections of the lab: you will be participating during the scheduled lab hours, via Zoom. A person physically present in the lab person in the lab will work as your proxy,  performing the procedures required to assemble the circuits, and collect the data. Both of you would use the same set of collected data to produce the report; of course we encourage the discussions of the results and procedures to obtain them.
    • Ideally, this person is one of your classmates who you know and could collaborate.  Please use piazza to find a partner: while the physical presence in the lab gives you the best learning experience, having a collaborator for the virtual session is the close second.
    • If you could not identify such a person, the TA for your lab section act as your proxy. In the worst case, you will be given the data collected by some of the students present in the lab, – but only as a last resort.
    • Your lab TA will be contacting you about the arrangements for the semester.
    • The students taking the lab online will be required to complete prelab assignments and to submit individual lab reports for each of the 6 lab assignments, just like everyone else.
    • As the final project is scheduled for the fully online period after November 20, everyone will be switching to online mode. We will disseminate the instructions later in the semester.
    • The Lab staff will be creating Lab informational videos that will give both the in-lab students and the online students an overview of what each lab will entail.
  • Homework format
    • We expect the homework to be submitted as a PDF output of some typesetting system. You can use whichever you prefer: LaTeX, if you’re comfortable with it already (by learning it just for this course is an overkill). Markdown is a great tool, which you can learn in 15 minutes, yet which allows to produce nicely looking papers. Several excellent resources are available online, like the tutorials here or there, or the cheatsheet here. With Slackedit online editor you don’t even need to install anything.
    • Slackedit has, by the way, an explanation how to draw block diagrams entirely within a markdown text. But, if you prefer a standalone editor, try
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