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Topologically constrained models of statistical physics.


The Blob

Consider the following planar “spin model”: the state of the system is a function from \(\Int^2\) into \(\{0,1\}\) (on and off states). We interpret the site \((i,j), …

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Topology in Motion @ICERM Fall’16

If you are interested in Applied Topology, tend to plan far, far ahead and have some free time on your hands in Fall 2016, check this out, and let us know!


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more on humanitarian disaster

Bug in the system

Handling of all – not just Salaita’s – cases by U of I is deficient, with the final approval coming only after the move to campus is done. We all are culpable, registering this issue when …

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arrieregarde battles of postmodernism

The epicenter of the battle around Salaita’s offer withdrawal seems to be located at the question, whether or not political considerations are admissible when appointing a scholar. I checked what Dr. Salaita himself writes about the matter in a 2008

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hyperbolic geometry of Google maps


Google Maps and the Space of Views

Let’s consider the geometry hidden behind one of the best user interfaces in mobile apps ever, – the smartphone maps, the ones which you can swipe, flick and …

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This summer Yura Mileyko and I gave a tutorial on Topological Data Analysis at ISIT 2014. It was intended as a gentle introduction aimed at people who never heard about homologies (outside of, say, biology) – and there were …

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big bad machine

Is installed in the department: it has reasonable processor, but most importantly, hundreds Gigs of RAM. If you have some really big bad computing to do, we might be able to accommodate some requests.

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Voice of Russia puts Urbana on the war map (never mind the grammar or arithmetic)


“A new wave of a massive D-Dos attack hit our site at 1 o’clock pm last night,” the organizers of the Crimean referendum have just reported.
“Our IT safety experts managed to find out where those attacks

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