I recently received an NSF CAREER award that will focus on zircon (U-Th)/He systematics and erosion history of the Great Unconformity! There’s lots of support available for new grad students so if you’re interested in working in our group, please contact me.

Apply to work in our group!

Interested in joining our group Fall 2019? Please contact me and apply! We’re looking for MS or PhD students interested in working on projects focused on understanding the erosion history of the Great Unconformity.

Lots of news for academic year 2017-2018

A lot happened in the Guenthner Lab group over the past year.

First, we got funded! Twice! In collaboration with Dave Pearson at Idaho State, Emily Finzel at U. Iowa, and their students, Guenthner Lab PhD student Jenna Kaempfer is currently working on a project examining the timing of the transition from thin-skinned to thick-skinned style thrusting in the Idaho-Montana portion of the U.S. Cordillera. The other big funding news is that the HAL is getting an NSF-supported research scientist that will greatly aid our ability to serve the broader geoscience community for all of their (U-Th)/He needs.

We’ve also published a number of papers in 2017-2018, including PhD student Mike DeLucia’s (co-advised with Steve Marshak) paper (his first!) in Geology. This is an exciting dataset that directly constrains the timing and magnitude of erosion of the Great Unconformity surface. It got some really good press in Eos (click here).

Finally, the HAL moved across the street into its new home in NHB. The noble gas line is already in place and up and running, and the finishing touches are just now being placed in our class 1000 clean room space.

Opportunity for a new PhD student, Fall 2017

I am excited to announce that a collaborative project with Dr. Jessica Conroy here at UIUC was recently funded by NSF! The project is entitled Chronologies and mechanisms of last glacial loess deposition in the Central Lowlands of North America and comes with guaranteed RA support for a PhD student. This project combines detrital zircon U-Pb provenance, stable isotopes in gastropods, and radiocarbon dating of loess from the Last Glacial Maximum in the central U.S. Please contact me or Dr. Conroy if you would like more details.

EGU talk

I had a chance to attend EGU2016 to give an invited talk on some of our recent western U.S. thermochronology results. Thanks to Cecile Gautheron, Pierre Valla, and Raph Pik for organizing a great session!