Educational & PR Visits

The Wildlife Medical Clinic has four birds and two (soon three!) reptiles that reside in the clinic.  These birds were initially admitted as patients and were treated with the intent of release into the wild. Unfortunately, medical complications arose which prevented them from a full recovery.  Since they are not fully recovered, they would not be able to fend for themselves if placed back into the wild (read about individual Residents here).  Although they live in the clinic and are tolerant of people, the resident birds are not pets. They now serve as ambassadors of their species and help us educate the public about wildlife, conservation, and ecosystem health.

The birds are cared for and taken to educational events by specially-trained student volunteers. In the past, they have visited school groups, wildlife events, community gatherings, scout troops and museums.   Programs are developed based on the needs of the group. For example, interactive presentations involving owl pellets/casts are possible in classrooms or similar settings.

Members of the community can request a visit from our resident animals. Not all requests can be honored, but we will do our best to facilitate your needs.

To request an educational visit, use this form.

We do not allow dogs at our PR events for the safety of the birds.
For the safety of our resident animals, and to make transportation to and from events less taxing on the members of our resident team, we are only able to participate in PR events that are within an hour radius of the University of Illinois Vet Med campus. Additionally, we have a 4-hour time limit for tabletop/booth events, as our animals can get quite stressed outside of this time frame. If your event is longer than the 4-hour limit, please specify the time frame you would like for us to be present on the request form.

The WMC is a non-profit organization that depends solely on fund-raising, donations and grants for its operating budget. All donations are used to pay for food, diagnostic tests, equipment, medications, consultations and surgeries for our patients.

The pricing of educational visits are as follows:

School and non-profit organizations – $100 clinic donation

Other – $200 clinic donation

For PR visits over 1 hour, there is a surcharge of $50 for each additional hour.

Questions can be addressed to 217-244-1195.

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